Online and offline writings. // Écrits en ligne et ailleurs.


The Devil’s Pod Diary I am currently in Hong Kong until July 2021 to write the play A Tidal Home and a companion book. I’ll be exploring the meanders of moving to this city that I never knew and yet is part of me, at a moment it is going through dramatic political changes. The Devil’s Pod Diary is the recording of my research, supported by the Crossing Borders Scholarship. Meet me there.

I’m quite active on social media too, have a look here: @horses_crossing for experiments in speculative fiction #mirabiliatheseries, the lastest images of my psychic and physical travels, spontaneous poems and miscellanous thoughts.


, pièce radiophonique, 2020. FR
Room with a view
, 2020. EN
Kantonesisch Lernen
, 2018.DE
, 2018. DE

I need to cross,
2019. EN
La Théorie, 2019. – FR
Black Gold
*, 2019. – DE
Artes Moriendi – Ways of Dying, 2018. – EN
Wahrhaft krumme Balken*, 2018. DE
A quick decision can be made – a story of the Detained Fast-Track, 2015. EN
The Fog, 2015. EN


“A progressive glossary of thoughts and intersections”, race.gender.class Symposium, FRATZ Festival 2020.*

Looking for a feminist body in dance, journal of a movement’s archive, co-authored with Natalie Riedelsheimer, Caroline Alves and Kathleen Kunath, 2019, under construction.*

“Did you think of the children? A conversation we started”, FRATZ Reflections 2019, Theater o.N. (soon available online in English and here in German), 2019.*

Fanon’s Black skin, white masks: a dramaturgical reading, document produced during the creation of Unrestricted Contact by dance collective Grupo Oito, 2017.

La performance déléguée : utopie du ou de la “performeur*euse émancipé*e” et effacement de l’artiste ? Analyse de trois productions utilisant la performance déléguée par trois compagnies de théâtre : Nature Theatre of Oklahoma, Mammalian Diving Reflex, El Conde de Torrefiel, Colloque (dés)identification de la figure de l’artiste, Université de Metz, 2017.

June 20, Cologne, A recall of June 21st: in praise of the exploded chronology of film shooting, July 6, Berlin, Production blog of the live-theatre film project Germany 2071 by the Nature Theater of Oklahoma, 2016.

Dramaturgy for dance and a thought on an all-female performance, The Red Line, 2016.

Hong-Kong: Le théâtre et les gratte-ciels, 2014.


Le chaudron – Journal d’écriture de mon premier roman, Étés // The cauldron – About writing my first novel, Étés, 2019.

Fascination, 2014-2018, short stories collection, (French).


Poèmes de la patience, recueil court de poèmes, 2017 (French).

Pieces followed by * are commissions // Les écrits suivis d’une * sont des commandes d’écriture
EN – original in English, DE – original in German, FR – original in French // EN – l’original est en anglais, DE – l’original est en allemand, FR – l’original est en français.
Selection of scripts available on demand // Certaines de mes pièces sont disponibles sur demande, en traduction également pour la majorité des textes.