extraits // excerpts

Jimmy Nous sommes impuissants
Non pas parce que nous sommes stupides
Mais parce qu’ils sont organisés
Et tous, ils jouent le même jeu
Ta prof, tu verras
Elle est comme eux
Ce qu’elle a fait une fois
Elle le refera
Elle dira encore qu’elle veut t’aider
En réalité
Elle ne veut pas que tu existes

La Théorie, 2019 (production en cours)

Gaby I am drowning
I cannot say it
The waves keep coming, as if they don’t care
How can they not care?
Water is coming into my little throat
My eyes keep calling my parents for help
Then I feel an arm grabbing me by the waist
Someone had seen me
She takes me to the side of the pool
She is 14 or 15, she doesn’t exactly look like an adult
I am gasping for air, panicked
She looks at me without saying a word, very seriously, and moved
Then disappears
I get back on my feet
And go sit next to my parents
They don’t notice anything
I am so ashamed
I almost died

Artes Moriendi – Ways of Dying, 2018

UKBA officer You are going to be detained
You are going through a procedure that will make a decision over your case faster ok
We know where you are from and we know how to deal quickly with your case
You are going to be kept in a centre with other asylum seekers ok
Then tomorrow you will meet a legal advisor ok
Who is going to help you defend your claim
Then you will have the interview that will decide if your claim is accepted or rejected ok
Now we’re going to ask you to wait till we can process you to the centre
Marthes Ok

A quick decision can be made – a story of the Detained Fast-Track Procedure, 2015

Guy I don’t remember clearly when it all started. But I think the first time we noticed it was around Christmas. Probably the day after that lorry driver somewhere drove over a five years old girl, back and forth, because he thought he’d pay less to her parents if she was dead and it was all around the news. I remember I looked at the CCTV of the scene. You could barely see anything, really. There was just a confused mix of coloured dots, hardly distinguishable, but still, it was happening. Back. And forth. All I could see. The day after I watched this video, when I went out of the house, I noticed something had changed. It wasn’t me. It was around me.

Girl Two months now. Things evolved slower than we thought. I really thought that if something like that would happen, it would turn the whole society upside down within a few days. The process is actually more surrepitious. It really starts on an individual scale. Slight, slight changes. People who were always on time start being late. People who were overwhelmingly enthusiastic become more silent. Everything has slowed down. Most transports routes have been shut down. No cars on the streets, apart from firemen, policemen and ambulances. Even them can’t drive very fast. You just see the flashing lights moving forward slowly and imagine the distraught face of the ambulance driver while someone is moaning at the back. A lot of shops have closed down. They kept the schools open for a few weeks, but the children became restless.

The Fog, 2014