Chantal, eine dünne, blonde, zwanzig-jährige Frau. Helen, eine kurze Brunette mit einem ernsten Gesicht. Ypsilon, ein kleiner Hund. Ein Wohnzimmer mit einer Tapete, die total lustig aber auch irgendwie bedrohend aussieht: diese Farbe, diese Motive, waren einmal die letzte Mode. Die beweist, dass alles schwindet dahin und sich verändert. Draußen hört man das undeutliche Geräusch… Continue reading Fressen

A thought on The Blind Poet by the Needcompany

16/07/2016 I went to see The Blind Poet at the Foreign Affairs Festival (Berlin). The programme for Needcompany's piece reads "History is written by the victorious. By men. By the selected few who think they know what has to be done. In "The blind Poet", Needcompany counters historical truth with personal stories: Individual portraits of… Continue reading A thought on The Blind Poet by the Needcompany

Heroes (I)

Mary Ann      How would you save all children from starvation? Raquel           I can teach how to swim the butterfly stroke. Firstly you put your arms up. Then start to move both your legs at the same time, like a mermaid. Now back to the arms. Moving both arms at the same time push the water… Continue reading Heroes (I)

A quick decision can be made

"The food is awful It's not just the taste It's the way they give it They don't think we deserve it" Claiming asylum in the UK, like thousands of refugees each year, Mariam is put into the Detained Fast-Track Procedure. An endless questioning begins that will strip down her whole life. Is she telling the… Continue reading A quick decision can be made