Heroes (I)


Mary Ann      How would you save all children from starvation?

Raquel           I can teach how to swim the butterfly stroke. Firstly you put your arms up. Then start to move both your legs at the same time, like a mermaid. Now back to the arms. Moving both arms at the same time push the water out, then push the water in towards your chest, then push the water down and then move your arms back up out of the water, keeping the elbows high and resume. How would you protect all women from abuse?

In a time that celebrates the super-individual, I wonder what a hero looks like. Does it still exist and should it? Hero (I) follows two actresses wondering the same between themselves. They soon transform the stage into a laboratory where the hero/in emerges through a collision of texts, exploring mythology as well as little acts of daily heroism.

Work in progress performed at the James Arnott Theatre on July 3rd 2015, Glasgow.

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